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Easy Screen Capture And Annotation – Free Image Hosting And Upload To PhotoBucket

A new release of Easy Screen Capture And Annotation is available for download. A major update in this version includes the free image hosing and upload to PhotoBucket. This new feature lets you upload your captures instantly on the web and send the link to anyone using your messaging software or email. The application provides also a button in the settings panel for signing up for a free account. The setup process takes only few minutes.

Easy Screen Capture And Annotation – Free Image Hosting And Upload
Free Image Hosting

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This new version also improves the rendering engine and provides smooth aliased callouts and text balloons. Some minor issues are also fixed and a tool button that gives you a quick access to the recently opened files list is added.

We would like to thank all our users for their support and feedback. Please keep sending us your feedback and suggestions. We will be glad to implement and add them to the upcoming versions.

Fast Duplicate File Finder for download

Our gift to you – our supportive users have now advanced into version It is much faster and includes even more features. We are happy to give away this gem for free as a gift for your support during the years. The new version is the fastest available on the world wide web. We are glad to provide you again with the best tool as we have always put the focus to the quality. In addition to the speed increase the new version adds few useful features like the one for inverting the selection. The improved auto-check feature is now quicker and more precise.
The results now are not bloated with zero file sized files – you can exclude them from the scan.
A quick shortcut for selecting all files (CTRL+A) and inverting the checked files (CTRL+I) is also available.

Fast Duplicate File Finder is now way ahead its commercial competitors available on the internet. It is much faster and includes more flexible features for auto-checking duplicates.

Fast Duplicate File Finder Options
Duplicate File Finder

You can download the latest free version of Fast Duplicate File Finder here.

We are glad to see that our first release was so impressive that even put it on their featured download list. Many web sites and blog owners wrote positive reviews about our new contribution. We are glad that we are able to provide this tool for free and will be glad to hear all your feedbacks and suggestions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with ideas and feedback – Fast Duplicate File Finder Support