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Duplicate MP3 Finder – Audio Dedupe

The Duplicate MP3 Finder – Audio Dedupe is released and available for download. The new versions include plenty of new features and fixes. The new in supported audio file format is the added support for 64-bit floating-point WAVE/AIFF files and little-endian AIFF files.

The folder popup menu “Disable self-Scan For This Folder” is useful if you want to scan two (or more) folders against each other. (Available only in the Corporate version)

The grid popup menu item “Check All Except Excluded” will check all files except the excluded ones from the Advanced dialog in Auto-check options or files whose folder was disabled for auto-check.

A lot faster “100% Identical Files” method and a lot faster Check Selected/Invert Selection/Uncheck All when there are a lot of files in the duplicates list.

There are now two separate columns for File Name and Folder so you can easily navigate through files and folder with long names.

The optimised memory usage and allocation results in a faster speed when scanning many files.

And in addition the are also quite some fixes. Some of them are the fixed logging under Windows Vista/7, fixed auto-check when there are folders disabled for auto-check, fixed column sorting on all columns, fixed loading a project causes all file sizes in the results list to be shown as zero.

Duplicate MP3 Finder
Duplicate MP3 Finder

Find Similar Files – Fast Duplicate File Finder Pro

MindGems Inc. is proud to present Fast Duplicate File Finder Professional
The new Professional version of our famous Fast Duplicate File Finder can now recognize not only 100% identical files, but can also Find Similar Files. The application performs a binary comparison of your files and can find similar files regardless of their type.

Find Similar Files
Find Similar Files - Fast Duplicate  File Finder

You can easily find the most recent version of the files that you have edited and saved in different locations. The application can recognize similar files as word documents, excel documents, archives, images, movies, music files etc. Download the Free Fast Duplicate File Finder version for a test.