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Capture round windows in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 – Easy Screen Capture And Annotation

Easy Screen Capture

Easy Screen Capture

Easy Screen Capture and Annotation is released packed with plenty of new features.

The Layer Save As option ( including transparency ) will let you save parts of the capture project. The layer context menu option “Restore original layer size” will restore the size of the layer to the one that it was captured at.

You can now add a shadow effect to the layers in order to produce a stylish image that you can upload to your blog or publish on the web.

The improved option to capture an entire window will also capture the transparency of round windows in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.  Please read the What’s New section below for a full list of the new feature and improvements.

Easy Screen Capture And Annotation – What’s New


  • Added: Layer Save As option – including transparency
  • Added: Restore original layer size option in context menu
  • Added: Shadow effect for layers
  • Added: Capture round windows in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Added: Warning on new project if current project is modified
  • Added: CTRL+R and edit menu action to invert selection
  • Added: Move Layers/Objects via arrow keys. Hold down CTRL to step with 10 pixels
  • Fixed: Capture Color
  • Fixed: Upload to PhotoBucket daylight time saving issue
  • Fixed: Undo after cut region

Find Duplicate APE (Monkey’s Audio) and TTA (True Audio) Files

Duplicate MP3 Finder

Duplicate MP3 Finder

The new major release of Audio Dedupe is packed with plenty of new features.

Two new file formats are now added to the supported file formats:

APE – Monkey’s Audio

Monkey’s Audio is a file format for audio data compression. Being a lossless format, Monkey’s Audio does not discard data during the process of encoding, unlike lossy compression methods such as AAC, MP3, Vorbis and Musepack.
Data file compression is employed in order to reduce bandwidth, file transfer time, and/or storage requirements. A digital recording (such as a CD) encoded to the Monkey’s Audio format can be decompressed into an identical copy of the original audio data. As with the FLAC and Apple Lossless format, files encoded to Monkey’s Audio are typically reduced to about half of the original size,[1] with data transfer rates and bandwidth requirements being reduced accordingly.

TTA – True Audio

True Audio (abbreviated TTA) is a free, real-time lossless audio codec, based on adaptive prognostic filters. Also, .tta is the generic extension to filenames  of audio files created by True Audio codec.
TTA performs lossless compression on multichannel 8, 16 and 24 bit data of uncompressed wav  input files. The compression ratio of TTA depends on the type of music file being compressed, but after compression the size of output file will generally range between 30% – 70% of the original. TTA format supports both of ID3  v1 and ID3 v2 information tags. APEv2 tags support has been added recently.

Audio Dedupe – What’s New?


  • Added Monkey’s Audio APE files support.
  • Added True Audio TTA files support.
  • Added filter files and folders functionality, so you can exclude files or folders from scanning.
  • Added Pause/Resume functionality.
  • Added new options tab to select which columns you want to be shown in the results grid.
  • Added new option to set the cache folder location.
  • Added new option “Remove from list groups containing single file after delete/move”.
  • Added new option “Files are not duplicates if their play time differ more than xxx sec.”.
  • Added volume slider in the preview window.
  • Fixed some bugs when moving files.
  • Other small bug fixes and GUI improvements.