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Find Duplicate Photos Faster – 64 Bit Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Find Similar Photos Native 64 Bit OS Support

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder Even Faster Performance And Support For Larger Image Libraries

64 Bit Version

The latest version of VSDIF adds a native support for 64 Bit operating systems. While VSDIF was already running on a 64 Bit operating systems it had limitations that were applied from the Windows operating system itself – for example 32 Bit applications are limited to using only 2GB of system memory regardless of the memory available on the system. The new version can utilize all the resources of a 64 Bit operating system and perform much faster and handle larger image collections.

Preserve Group Integrity On Sort

Preserving group integrity is now optional and can be toggled in settings. This feature was enabled by default in the previous versions of the tool and was not configurable as breaking the grouping of the images may lead to confusion and the user may end up deleting all files from a group. Due to requests from our users we have made this feature optional, but it should be used carefully. Though it may be dangerous to use, it comes handy in certain cases. For example one can sort files by folder name or other property, select all items with the desired features in the list and use the context menu to check them all.

“Match full path” To Exclude Folder Names From Auto-Check

The “Match full path” option is introduced in the advanced auto-check options. In past versions only file names could be matched. Ticking the option will match the specified pattern against the entire file path which makes it easy to exclude folders with specific names or containing specified characters.

Up To 40% Faster Image Processing

The processing time of JPEG, PNG and JPEG2000 is optimized and is around 30-40% faster than before, but it can reach up to 50% in certain cases. Unfortunately this applies only to the decoding and not to the loading time which is limited by the speed of the storage where the images are located.

Find Similar Photos

You can download the latest version demo here: Duplicate Photo Finder

Please comment below if you miss a feature or you have a suggestion for improvement. We value our customers and we will be glad to hear from you!

Fast Duplicate File Finder – Lightning Fast 64 Bit Version

Fast Duplicate File Finder 64 Bit Version

MindGems Duplicate File Finder Just Got Better

Fast Duplicate File Finder is recognized as the the fastest and the most reliable duplicate finder on the market. Any tool that claims faster performance compares MD5, CRC, size, dates, names or other unreliable properties which may lead to incorrect results and loss of valuable data.

Fast Duplicate File Finder (FDFF) performs real byte-to-byte comparison and guarantees that the identified files are 100% duplicates. If a tool finds more duplicates than FDFF that is not a sign of better performance – it is a sign of poor detection algorithm and one should really check the results provided by such tools deeper with a proper DIFF tool or a HEX editor.

Download: Duplicate File Finder

New Duplicate Finder Features

High Performance 64 Bit Version

FDFF is already the fastest duplicate file finder on the market, that performs a proper duplicate scan that does not report false positive or miss duplicate files. The latest version provides support for 64 Bit operating systems making the tool even faster and capable of handling larger file lists. The installer will automatically install the proper Duplicate Finder version depending on the user’s operating system. This version also lifts the memory limit that is present in the Windows operating systems for 32 Bit applications running on a 64 Bit operating system.

Preserve group integrity on sort

While this feature was already available in the tool it was always enabled by default. What actually means “Preserve group integrity is that regardless of the column that is sorted the items from the same group would always stick together. This of course is well necessary in order not to accidentally delete all items from the same group, but in certain cases it is more convenient to sort by certain file property like path, mark all items and “check” them for move delete. After that the option can be restored back and sort the items over by preserving the group integrity.

Find Duplicate Files Free

Duplicate File Finder

Extremely Faster Save/Load/Export to XML on large projects

The save, load and export functionality was redesigned in order to better cope with huge file collections. The claim “extremely faster” is not over-exaggerated as the tool may perform the mentioned actions hundreds of times faster depending on the size of the corresponding list. A million files for example are loaded, exported or saved in seconds.

A list of all the new features can be found on the Duplicate File Finder’s What’s new page.

Do you have suggestions? Do you miss a feature? Let us know in the comments below. We will be glad to hear from you!