Duplicate Image Finder – New Features For Automatically Selecting Duplicate Photos

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VSDIF Makes It Easier To Automatically Select Duplicate Photos

VSDIF is the number one choice for a tool that finds similar and duplicate images for most professional photographers. The multiple scan modes, duplicate photo auto-check, filtering options and settings make it flexible enough to fit even the most specific tasks. Of course the precision of the results provided by Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder makes it stand out from the crowd and is the most important reason why it is the favorite choice of those who want to keep an organized photo collection.

The key new features and fixes in this release include:

New Features In Duplicate Photo List

There are two new menu items in the duplicate image list – “Remove from list” and “Remove group from list”. These options are extremely useful while working with large results list in order to remove items and groups that are already processed. The “Delete” menu shortcut is now also updated accordingly and is now assigned the Shift+Del shortcut and the “Remove from list” feature now uses the Del key.

New Auto-check Method For Selecting Duplicate Images

There is a new auto-check selection method based on file name length – “Images with longer file names”. This feature is very useful as copied files usually have “copy (x) of” appended by Windows Explorer automatically to their file names. Also edited files usually are stored with some letter or number appended to the file name as “Logo.jpg”, “Logo 1.jpg”, “Logo 1a.jpg”, “Logo new.jpg” and so on.

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Duplicate Photo Finder Fixes And Improvements

Some minor fixes and improvements are also included in this release. The multiple images preview wasn’t updated with the first found group after the scan was complete. On some systems where the small icon size is different than 16×16 the shell associated icons in the results grid were not loaded properly.

The “After scan” actions box is now enabled during scan and can be used to set the application to save the results and shut down the computer even if the scan is already running.

A short list of all the changes in this release can be found at the Duplicate Photo Finder What’s New Page.

Do not forget the take a look at the updated Duplicate Image Finder Tutorial.

Please comment below if you miss a feature or you have a suggestion for improvement. We value our customers and we will be glad to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Duplicate Image Finder – New Features For Automatically Selecting Duplicate Photos

  1. George Hughes

    I recently bought visual difference 6, but now you seem to have released Vdif How do I upgrade to the new version?

  2. admin Post author

    Thank you for using our tools.
    You can update for free by following the download link in your original registration email – it is updated to point to the latest version.

  3. James Hawkins

    I inherited my fathers pictures… both digital and printed. Since he did not have all in digital form, I am scanning them all. His originals were scanned very small but I do not have all of the printed ones to rescan. Bottom like is that I am scanning pictures that I know have duplicated (different sizes but still the same). I am looking for a program that will allow me to scan for an individual picture at a time. Something like Google Images does is what I am thinking about. Will this do that?

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