Folder Size – Largest Files & Largest Folders reports.

File Size Analysis

Largest Folders & Largest Files Reports

Folder Size adds two new reports to the already available information. The largest files and largest folders report will list the information analyzing all the sub-folders of the selected folder. This means that if you select the root of your drive Folder Size will instantly list the largest files and largest folders that are stored in it regardless of their location.

File Size Analysis
Folder Size – Freeware

You can now also see the total size of the selected items in the status bar. If there are no items selected the size of all the items listed in the details view will be displayed.

The filter option now allows multiple masks separated by semicolons. You can now search for example all the BMP and JPG files at the same time by setting the filter “*.jpg;*.bmp

The professional version of the application can now scan multiple items via the command line and using Drag & Drop. You can scan multiple folders using the -scan command line option. The list of folders is delimited with semicolon. E.g. -scan C:\Folder1;”C:\Folders With Spaces”

The scan of multiple folder via Drag & Drop is also a very handy feature. For example you can use Windows Explorer search in order to find all the folders named “TEMP” then drag the listed results inside Folder Size in order to analyze them.

There are also some small bug fixes applied to the new version. You can read the complete list of all the new features and changes in Folder Size here.

File Size Analysis
Folder Size – Freeware

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