Boss Key 5.1 – Full-Featured Screen Privacy Tool

Boss Key for Windows 7

Boss Key 5.1

All-in-one privacy tool!

Boss Key is a tiny privacy tool that can hide windows instantly, mute sound, switch display resolution and many more with a single keystroke or a mouse gesture.

This new version fixes some small issues with the assignment of shortcuts that could occur in rare cases and provides additional privacy in case of displayed messages by altering the message titles from Boss Key to BK.

Boss Key will cover your activity instantly with the press of a hot-key combination or a mouse action.It will not only hide your messaging software from the tray, but it will also hide the new chat windows that it might pop-up.

Boss Key will stay on guard and help you to cover the information on your screen whenever you need.

Boss Key can do even more – it can restore your screen resolution and mute the sound in case you are playing a game or watching a movie.

Boss Key is a priceless little gem in your “Must Have” software collection.

Download Boss Key Now and protect your privacy!

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder Detects Similar Photos Even if Frames or Borders Are Added

Duplicate Photo Finder

Find Similar Photos

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder Brings New Features For The Holidays – Find Similar Photos Even if Some Of Them Have Borders/Frames And The Others No

Two major new features are added to VSDIF – an option for detecting similar photos with borders/frames and an auto-check feature for selecting images with shorter file names.

Auto-check Images With Shorter File Names

The name of the feature is quite self-explanatory – it will mark the files with the shortest file names first leaving the one with the longest name unmarked. Some users prefer to rename their photos by adding descriptive file names and this feature helps exactly in such cases. One ca easily remove the files that are not renamed as those are usually with short file names generated automatically by the camera. VSDIF already has an option to auto-mark files with longer file names for cases where the user wants to remove duplicate copies that usually are named COPY (X) of….

Detect Similar Images With Solid Borders

While this new feature is not a miracle and it may fail with multi-color complex frames that alter the appearance of the image completely, it does quite a good job when the word comes for simple frames and borders. It comes handy also in cases where the photos are scanned – this process usually generates extra borders around the images. As this new feature is not resource-intensive it is enabled by default in the application settings. Though it will not make noticeable difference in terms of performance for medium-sized image libraries it can be turned off in the application settings if one intends to compare large quantities of photos that are known not to include borders. The feature also helps to detect images that are saved or captured from the web and usually include part of the background.

You can download the latest version demo here: Duplicate Photo Finder

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Fast Duplicate File Finder – Greatly Improved Speed in “100% Equal Files” mode

Find Duplicate Files Free

Free Duplicate File Finder

The Update of Fast Duplicate File Finder Provides Even Faster Scan Without Compromising Precision

Fast Duplicate File Finder is the leading duplicate file finder tool on the market and provides accuracy, performance and plenty of features. While most duplicate finders compare MD5, CRC, size, dates, names and other unreliable properties in order to find duplicates FDFF guarantees faultless results. Fast Duplicate File Finder (FDFF) performs real byte-to-byte comparison and guarantees that the identified files are 100% duplicates.

Download: Duplicate File Finder

A list of all the new features can be found on the Duplicate File Finder’s What’s new page.

Greatly Improved Duplicate Finder Performance

The application performance and its precision are the two most important aspects of Fast Duplicate File Finder and MindGems continues to improve the tool in both aspects.

The scan speed in the “100% equal files” mode is greatly improved. The performance impact is most evident when comparing large files with different content.

Find Duplicate Files Free

Free Duplicate File Finder

Added two new “After Scan” options – “Save project and display results” and “Save project and close application”

The “Save project and display results” and “Save project and close application” features are handy when performing a large scan and leaving the computer unattended. These features guarantee that the results will be saved even if a power failure occur and as a result the computer shuts down or restarts. The “After Scan” options are performed as the name suggests immediately after the scan process is completed.

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Exclude A Folder From Auto-Check – Set “Source” Folder

Compare Two Or More Folders For Duplicates

Compare Two Or More Folders For Duplicates

How To Exclude A Folder From Auto-Check Or How To Set A “Source” Folder

This information applies to:
Fast Duplicate File Finder
Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder
Audio Dedupe

The auto-check feature in the duplicate file finder tools automatically selects all except one duplicate file in each group for move/delete. The feature selects the files based on the defined settings like the oldest/newest, largest/smallest files, ones with lower resolutions for images or lower quality for audio files and so on, but sometimes it is necessary to preserve the files in certain “source” folders and exclude them from the selection. That is quite easy by ticking a check-box in front of the folder name in the folders list.

In the folders list tick the ‘Disable Automark For This Folder’ checkbox for the corresponding folder.

Exclude From Auto-Check (Auto-Mark)

Exclude From Auto-Check (Auto-Mark)

A related article can be found here: Compare Folders For Duplicates – How To Compare “Source” And “Target” Folders

How To Compare Two Or More Folders For Duplicates

Compare Two Or More Folders For Duplicates

Compare Two Or More Folders For Duplicates

Compare Folders For Duplicates – How To Compare “Source” And “Target” Folders

This information applies to:
Fast Duplicate File Finder
Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder
Audio Dedupe

There are situations where merging folders or comparing two or more folders is necessary. In such cases a “source” folder should not be checked for duplicates and should only be compared with one or more “target” folders. Comparing two or more folders for duplicates is very easy using the “Exclude From Self Scan” feature in the folders list.

Compare Folders For Duplicates

Disable “Self-scan”

If self-scan for folder ‘VSD’ is disabled (as displayed in the image above) the files inside that folder will not be compared against each-other – they will be compared only with files that are located inside the other folders that are added in the folders list..

If self-scan is disabled for the folders ‘VSD’ and ‘VSD1’ the files in ‘VSD’ will be compared with the files in ‘VSD1’ and vice-versa instead of comparing all the files in ‘VSD’ and ‘VSD1’ against each other.

Self-scan can be disabled for a folder by ticking the checkbox in front of the corresponding folder name. There are two columns in front of the folder name column. The column with the icon that illustrates a red circle with a white dash inside contains the “Disable self-scan” check-boxes.

A related article can be found here: How To Exclude A Folder From Auto-Check Or How To Set A “Source” Folder

Create Web Photo Galleries For Free – Easy Web Gallery Builder Is Released

Free Web Image Gallery

Create Image Gallery

Easy Web Gallery Builder Now Support Latest Windows Operating Systems – Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Easy Web Gallery Builder creates dazzling HTML image galleries for online and offline viewing. It will not only generate the HTML code for the galleries, but also convert the images to a format supported by the web browsers and generate high quality thumbnails of the full-sized images in order to load faster and save bandwidth. The supported input image formats is huge (hundreds of image formats) and includes also camera RAW formats.

Create Photo Gallery

Virtually all the settings of the gallery can be customized including titles, descriptions, colors, alignments, thumbnail sizes and many more. The watermarking feature can be used to add image or text watermark to every image.

Easy Web Gallery Builder is a highly customizable professional gallery building tool. A free version with some small limitations is available for personal use: Photo Gallery Builder

This new release includes support for the latest Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 operating systems and adds full Unicode support. This means that the generated galleries can contain text in multiple languages simultaneously. Some small bug fixes are also applied.

Create Thumbnail Galleries

Create Image Thumbnails And Add Watermarks

An example of the web galleries that Easy Web Gallery Builder creates can be found here: Web Photo Galleries

Tutorials on How to Create Web Galleries are also available.

Find Similar Photos – VSDIF Available For Download

Duplicate Photo Finder

Find Similar Photos

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder Provides Flexibility In The Folders List And Can Automatically Adjust The Orientation Of The Preview Images

The duplicate photo finder tool is already flexible with plenty of filtering options and duplicate search algorithms, but this new release adds some extra flexibility by providing an easy way of altering the “Exclude from auto-check”, “Disable self-scan” and “Remove from list” by providing a context menu which operates on all the currently selected items.


The new option “Automatically adjust preview images orientation” is located in the settings and tells the application to use the EXIF image information to properly preview an image by automatically rotating the image. Such option will not work on images generated by old camera models that do not have sensor for camera orientation or on images that have their EXIF meta-data removed. Of course such images can be manually rotated using an external tool in order to face the desired direction.


A user interface fix addresses a rare issue that is present when using “Large fonts” and low resolution and causes the folders panel to disappear. A fix for the duplicates information above the duplicates list is also available. The information was not properly updated after using the “Image Search” feature.

You can download the latest version demo here: Duplicate Photo Finder

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Flash Player Update KB3132372 Crashes Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge In Windows 10 – FIXED

Microsoft Security Update Crash

Security Update KB3132372 Causes Crashes In Multiple Applications Under Windows 10

Finally Microsoft and Adobe released a fix for the poor update that they pushed on 29.12.2015 which lead to crashes in multiple applications including Folder Size.

Please install the update to resolve the crash issues:

Details Regarding The KB3132372 And The Crashes In Applications Embedding Adobe Flash In Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge

It is strange that such poor update was pushed at the first place as this caused a tremendous amount of issues and Adobe and Microsoft forums were overwhelmed by users complaining about the problems that they faced after it was forcefully installed. At least Microsoft and Adobe admit on their web site the fact that the update is the culprit for the troubles that many Windows users experienced:

“Known issues in this security update
    We are aware of limited application crashes that occur after this security update is installed on Windows 10. “

The only way to use Folder Size and other tools that crashed because of this update was to temporarily uninstall it and disable the automatic update for it:

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but Microsoft and Adobe are the ones to blame for putting us and you in this situation.

Thank you for understanding.

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Duplicate Image Finder – New Features For Automatically Selecting Duplicate Photos

Duplicate Photo Finder

Find Duplicate Photos

VSDIF Makes It Easier To Automatically Select Duplicate Photos

VSDIF is the number one choice for a tool that finds similar and duplicate images for most professional photographers. The multiple scan modes, duplicate photo auto-check, filtering options and settings make it flexible enough to fit even the most specific tasks. Of course the precision of the results provided by Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder makes it stand out from the crowd and is the most important reason why it is the favorite choice of those who want to keep an organized photo collection.

The key new features and fixes in this release include:

New Features In Duplicate Photo List

There are two new menu items in the duplicate image list – “Remove from list” and “Remove group from list”. These options are extremely useful while working with large results list in order to remove items and groups that are already processed. The “Delete” menu shortcut is now also updated accordingly and is now assigned the Shift+Del shortcut and the “Remove from list” feature now uses the Del key.

New Auto-check Method For Selecting Duplicate Images

There is a new auto-check selection method based on file name length – “Images with longer file names”. This feature is very useful as copied files usually have “copy (x) of” appended by Windows Explorer automatically to their file names. Also edited files usually are stored with some letter or number appended to the file name as “Logo.jpg”, “Logo 1.jpg”, “Logo 1a.jpg”, “Logo new.jpg” and so on.

Find Similar Photos

Duplicate Photo Finder Fixes And Improvements

Some minor fixes and improvements are also included in this release. The multiple images preview wasn’t updated with the first found group after the scan was complete. On some systems where the small icon size is different than 16×16 the shell associated icons in the results grid were not loaded properly.

The “After scan” actions box is now enabled during scan and can be used to set the application to save the results and shut down the computer even if the scan is already running.

A short list of all the changes in this release can be found at the Duplicate Photo Finder What’s New Page.

Do not forget the take a look at the updated Duplicate Image Finder Tutorial.

Please comment below if you miss a feature or you have a suggestion for improvement. We value our customers and we will be glad to hear from you!

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder 6 Can Find Similar And Duplicate EXIF Tags Like Description, Comment and Camera Model.

Duplicate Photo Finder

Find Similar And Duplicate Photos

The Best Duplicate Photo Finder Got Even Better By Providing A New EXIF Tag Comparison Mode Which Can Find Both Similar And Duplicate EXIF Tags

VSDIF has proven over the years as the best tool for finding similar and duplicate images. Its flexible scan modes, filters, auto-check and settings make it suitable for a vast variety of tasks. This new major release adds another powerful scan method to the already vast arsenal of the tool. Though this is a very nice new feature, the improvements do not end there. A “Multi preview” makes it easy to compare the images if there are more than two duplicates in a group. The flexible new panel lists all the duplicate images at once and provides options for customizations.

Find Similar And Duplicate EXIF Tags

The new scan method makes it possible to find and group together photos that have similar and duplicate EXIF Tags. The ways this feature can be used are limitless as it works on all the available EXIF Tags. While the most common use would be to search for similar and duplicate comments or descriptions the feature may also be used to search for duplicate camera model in order to find all the photos shot with a certain type of equipment. Searching for duplicate EXIF Date can reveal all the photos from e certain photo shootout.

Find Similar Photos

Preview Multiple Duplicate Photos Simultaneously

This release includes a new preview panel that lists all the duplicate photos in a group together. The panel can be resized to order the thumbnails in a single or multiple rows and the thumbnail size can be altered using the mouse wheel. The thumbnails also include a check-box in order to denote the photo’s checked state and also can be used to toggle that state.

In some cases it may be more convenient to preview two images at a time so the old preview panel is preserved in the new release. It can still be used if one prefers to see a larger preview of the selected items.

An improvement now automatically adjusts the orientation of the previewed image if such information exists in the EXIF data.


Preview Multiple Similar Photos

Preview Multiple Similar Photos

Standard Preview Panel

New Duplicate Photo Finder Features

There are plenty of new features and improvements in this release. Some of the more important ones is the fact that the EXIF tags list is now sorted by tag name by default and the sort order can be reversed by clicking the column title.

DICOM tags – files used in the medical industry are now supported in the Corporate version of the tool.

Another improvement now makes it possible to preserve the order of the duplicate groups for multiple save/load sessions. This is especially handy while working with large projects where a user analyses a bunch of groups and wishes to continue later with the rest.

And of course as always please comment below if you miss a feature or you have a suggestion for improvement. We will be glad to hear from you!