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Screen Privacy – Boss Key 5.0 for Windows 7 & 8

Boss Key - Screen Privacy

Boss Key - Screen Privacy

How to Protect Your Screen Privacy

Nowadays screen privacy is an issue that everyone is facing either in the crowded office with inquisitive colleagues and a patronizing boss or at home with over-caring and curious relatives. Usually when writing a confidential email, checking your bank account, entering sensitive data in a web form or performing other private tasks you would prefer nobody to watch. Unfortunately people are curious creatures by nature and often will try to check on your activities.

You have several options in such case:

  • do nothing
  • close the active window, consequently losing all data entered in it
  • reboot the computer and lose yet more data
  • use Boss Key to instantly hide the active window

MindGems Inc. has released Boss Key 5.0 that can completely solve these issues. How does Boss Key protect your screen privacy:

  • Hides all windows/applications instantly with a press of a keyboard or a mouse shortcut
  • Preserves the running applications active while they are hidden and preserves your data in tact
  • Mutes sound if important audio with sensitive content was playing
  • Restores display resolution if you were watching a movie or playing a game
  • Hides the system tray in order to cover applications like Skype, ICQ
  • Restores all the applications to the state before hiding them with the press of a single key stroke

Boss Key is available for download free of charge. While you may not always need a boss key application you can install this all-in-one privacy tool that may save you a lot of headaches. It will be there for you when you need it the most!

Screen Privacy Tool

Screen Privacy Tool

Do your have ideas, suggestions or recommendations? Drop them in the comments below. We would love to hear them!

Boss Key 4.5 fully supports Windows 7

Boss Key for Windows 7

Boss Key

Version 4.5 of Boss Key is now released with improved support for Windows 7.

You can now instantly hide your activity on Windows 7 using the entire functionality of Boss Key. That includes hiding tray icons, task bar, desktop icons, muting sound, switching display resolution etc.

Boss Key will cover your activity instantly with the press of a hot-key combination or a mouse action.

It will not only hide your messaging software from the tray, but it will also hide the new chat windows that it might pop-up.

Boss Key will stay on guard and help you to cover the information on your screen whenever you need. Get a life-time “insurance” for only $19.95!

Buy  Boss  Key... Order Boss Key – Just$19.95 Free  Download Download Free Boss Key Demo

Boss Key 4.4 Released – just $19.95

Boss Key

Boss Key

Boss Key 4.4 is available for download at the incredible 33% lower price of $19.95. Download Boss Key Demo packed with all the features you will ever need, and hide from prying eyes. With many years of background the latest version of Boss Key is absolutely stable and supports all the Microsoft Windows versions including Vista. You can check the bosskey tutorial page for a quick reference on how to use it. Register your copy and get this peace of art for as low as $19.95.

Buy  Boss  Key... Order Boss Key – Just$19.95 Free  Download Download Free Boss Key Demo

Boss Key 4.2 enables Windows Vista Support

Boss Key 4.2 enables Windows Vista Support along with many bugfixes and improvements. Here is a list of the changes in the new version:

Bosskey Version 4.2:

  • Windows Vista compatibility
  • Improved stabilty
  • Improved tray support
  • Fix for full screen media player
  • Fixed crash on exit
  • Fixed bug on Windows 98 after hide/show while the settings window is visible
  • Fixed hide/show when the application is password protected and settings window is visible
  • Minor GUI improvements

Download Bosskey here.

Boss Key 4.1 is released – option to password protect the application

The new version of Boss Key allows you to password protect the application thus preventing other people from seeing it. You can also resize the settings window and use the splitter to adjust the sizes of the application lists for easier navigation. There are also some bugfixes and improvements to increase the applications stability.

Even if someon hits the defined hot key by accident Boss Key will prompt for passwor before displaying the settings window and will not reveal the application to the person unles the proper password is entered.

 Boss  Key  Order Page Buy – just $39.95 $19.95  Boss  Key  free download Free Download

Boss Key

 Boss Key  Order Page Buy – just $39.95 $19.95  Boss Key  free download Free Download

Boss Key 4.0 – now supports mouse shortcuts for additional privacy

Boss Key 4.0 – support for mouse shortcuts is added which allows you to hide window (s) without even touching the keyboard. Many additional features and bugfixes. The new version is already available – download Boss Key. You can configure mouse shortcuts by defining a hot screen corner. You can define a 10×10 pixel square at the four screen corners that when hovered with the mouse for a specified time will trigger certain action. You do not even need to click with the mouse. This will allow to hide your information even if you are away from the keyboard. You will not need to look for the shortcut combination keys, just slide the mouse to the hot region and the application will be activated.

Boss Key 3.90 is released. Now you can lock your workstation and start the screensaver with a designated shortcut hotkey

Boss Key

Boss Key

We had several requests to add those features. And yes, now you have them. You can designate a certain shortcut hotkey that starts your screensaver. It is also possible to lock desktop (lock workstation) before starting the screensaver. We have always valued the opinion of our customers and we will be very happy to add more features that will help to make your time in front of the screen more enjoyable. If you have any requests and ideas please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be really happy to hear and implement them. You can download the product here.

MindGems Inc. New Web Site is Released

We are proud to present our new web site. It’s new and improved design allows you to easier find the information that you are looking for. We have included new features and services that will give you even more advantages than before. New features include news section that you are currently reading. Forum that will allow you to post your oppinion and comments and also exchange experience with other MindGems Inc. customers. Online support page that allows you to quickly post online messages to our development team and many more. We hope that you will enjoy our new web site and we are always open for suggestions and critics, so don’t hesitate to contact us. If you have any comments according our new web site please visit the Site Feedback section to share them with us.

Easy Web Gallery Builder Beta Tests

Easy Web Gallery Builder is currently being tested and soon will be available with plenty of new and improved features. As you can see from the list below most of the items are additions and new features. We are always aiming to be one step ahead of our competitors thus giving you the power to be ahead of yours too. If you have ideas and requirements that we have not implemented yet, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to hear and implement them.

What’s New


  • Added: It is now possible to customize the image and thumbnail pages navigation bars using text or image links.
  • Added: Options to customize the output file names to Original, Original (lowercase), Original (web-safe), Auto numbering and Random.
  • Added: Option to select images max file size. The quality of the generated images will be reduced until it reaches the desired file size.
  • Added: Option for random watermark position.
  • Added: Option to show/hide the thumbnail pages table caption.
  • Added: Option to link the thumbnails directly to images. In this case image pages will not be generated.
  • Added: In the files tab there is a grid showing simple image information.
  • Added: Toolbar for quick access to most of the functions.
  • Added: Most recently used (MRU) projects file list menu.
  • Added: You can link the big images to files from the image pages tab.
  • Added: Options to specify full server path for images and thumbnails.
  • Redesigned GUI, changed menu and toolbar icons, created tabs for Image Pages and Thumbnail Pages.
  • Easy Web Gallery Builder now uses native XML parser, so there is no need for Internet Explorer 5.0 to be installed anymore.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs, added more shortcuts.
  • Updated help file and installer.