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Digital camera RAW images support in Easy Web Gallery Builder

Easy Web Gallery Builder is now packed with RAW support. You can now create galleries directly from your RAW camera images. The most popular supported extensions are – : *.crw; *.cr2; *.nef; *.raw; *.pef; *.raf; *.x3f; *.bay; *.orf; *.srf; *.mrw; *.dcr; *.sr2; *.dng; *.erf; *.mef; *.arw.

In addition to this big extension we have added also an option to remove EXIF information from output images. In case you want to preserve the EXIF information hidden you can use this option and the application will wipe it from the generated files.

In Thumbnail pages tab the option “Add navigation bar above the table” is added.

In Gallery Settings tab the option “Disable right mouse click in browsers” is available. This will disable the “view source” option in the user web browser so that you can protect your web gallery code from stealing.

Last project is not automatically loaded on startup. Use the MRU list from File menu to fast access to the projects.

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Create Video Galleries

Create web html video galleries using Easy Web Gallery Builder The latest version of the application not only creates thumbnails from video files, but lets you embed a video player directly into the gallery pages. In addition to providing code not only for embedding Windows Media Player and Apple Quick Time the product can embed any type of video player by providing a mechanism for the users to input their own video player html code.
A sample custom code for embedding Apple’s Quick Time looks like this:

<OBJECT classid=”clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B” width=”%WIDTH%” height=”%HEIGHT%” codebase=”https://www.apple.com/qtactivex/qtplugin.cab”><param name=”src” value=”%FILENAME%”><param name=”autoplay” value=”true”><param name=”controller” value=”false”><param name=”loop” value=”false”><EMBED src=”%FILENAME%” width=”%WIDTH%” height=”%HEIGHT%” autoplay=”true” controller=”false” loop=”false” pluginspage=”https://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/”></EMBED></OBJECT>

The variables %FILENAME%, %WIDTH%, %HEIGHT% will be replaced by the application during gallery generation. Easy Web Gallery Builder provides a flexible interface for the advanced users while keeping things simple by generating automatically the video embedding code for the novice.

You can also check our video gallery tutorial in order to learn how to crate a video gallery in few minutes. Here you can find a sample video gallery created using Easy Web Gallery Builder.

Add frames to your images using Easy Web Gallery Builder

Easy Web Gallery Builder

Easy Web Gallery Builder

The latest version of Easy Web Gallery Builder will let you create a state of the art image galleries using the new feature for adding frames (masks) to the thumbnails and images. You can see some online demo galleries here. The new version also allows you to set extra styles to the description texts using a simple description editor. Click here to download the latest version of Easy Web Gallery Builder.

Easy Web Gallery Builder Is Released And Available For Download

Web Gallery Builder

Web Gallery Builder

Easy Web Gallery Builder is released and available for download. Check out the list below to find the new features and fixes available in the release. Please do not hesitate to contact us describing your suggestions and requests.

What’s New


  • Added: It is now possible to customize the image and thumbnail pages navigation bars using text or image links.
  • Added: Options to customize the output file names to Original, Original (lowercase), Original (web-safe), Auto numbering and Random.
  • Added: Option to select images max file size. The quality of the generated images will be reduced until it reaches the desired file size.
  • Added: Option for random watermark position.
  • Added: Option to show/hide the thumbnail pages table caption.
  • Added: Option to link the thumbnails directly to images. In this case image pages will not be generated.
  • Added: In the files tab there is a grid showing simple image information.
  • Added: Toolbar for quick access to most of the functions.
  • Added: Most recently used (MRU) projects file list menu.
  • Added: You can link the big images to files from the image pages tab.
  • Added: Options to specify full server path for images and thumbnails.
  • Redesigned GUI, changed menu and toolbar icons, created tabs for Image Pages and Thumbnail Pages.
  • Easy Web Gallery Builder now uses native XML parser, so there is no need for Internet Explorer 5.0 to be installed anymore.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs, added more shortcuts.
  • Updated help file and installer.