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Easy Web Gallery Builder – UTF8, UTF-8 + BOM, Unicode, Unicode Big Endian and ANSI Support

Easy Web Gallery Builder Extends The Character Encoding Features By Adding UTF-8, UTF-8 + BOM, Unicode – Little And Big Endian To The Currently Available ANSI Charset.

Easy Web Gallery Builder make the web gallery generation task a breeze. It saves the hassle of converting the images, resizing them and generating thumbnails. EWGB provides multiple high-quality scaling algorithms that will match even the highest demands. It supports all popular image formats and in addition to that it can process 300+ RAW image file formats.

HTML Character Encoding

The latest version makes it possible to set the generated document’s character encoding directly inside the application. This is needed for multi-language galleries or if one needs to use a certain character encoding. There is also a UTF8 + BOM option which sets the “Byte Order Mark” inside the generated document.

Easy Web Gallery Builder is a highly customizable professional gallery building tool. A free version with some small limitations is available for personal use: Photo Gallery Builder

Create Thumbnail Galleries

Create Image Thumbnails And Add Watermarks

An example of the web galleries that Easy Web Gallery Builder creates can be found here: Web Photo Galleries

Tutorials on How to Create Web Galleries are also available.

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