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iTunes – Delete Duplicates

iTunes – delete duplicates and save valuable disk space by organizing your music collection

iTunes - Delete duplicates

iTunes - Delete duplicates

The problem with deleting iTunes duplicates

Deleting duplicate songs in iTunes , iPod, iPad or iPhone may look simple but having hundreds or thousands songs makes this task a little bit hard. If you have a large music collection, duplicate files are inevitable.

There is a built-in option in iTunes to delete duplicates in File->Display Exact Duplicates. As the name suggests this option will display the exact duplicates. This means that if your songs are tagged with different artist, album or song name this function will not help much. The other disadvantage is that it lists all files that have identical tags and you should manually review the results and remove the duplicates. While this is not an issue if you have 10-20 items it could be annoying if you have hundreds or thousands. In any case this is a helpful option provided by Apple, but it is hard to be applied on large collections.

Best way to remove iTunes duplicates

The best way to remove iTunes duplicates is to use a dedicated external application. The advantage in doing that is that such application can clean your entire music library and not just the iTunes duplicates. There are plenty of duplicate mp3 finder applications on the market and you should carefully choose the one that works properly and displays correct results. Using an unreliable tool may delete valuable data.

Choosing the best tool to clean iTunes duplicates

A reliable tool should be capable of identifying duplicate songs in ant format regardless of the ID3 tags. This will help in cleaning files that you may have ripped from CD or downloaded from various sources and are not tagged with artist, album and song name. The key factor in choosing a duplicate mp3 finder is to evaluate its search algorithm. If a tool is not properly developed it may reveal false positives and lead to loss data.

Audio Dedupe is an innovative tool that can help with the cleanup of your audio collection. The key advantages of the tool are:

  • Reliable search algorithm that can recognize audio files in any forma without the need for ID3 tags
  • High performance – can scan tens of thousands duplicate audio files in less than a minute.
  • Multiple options to filter duplicate
  • Option to compare source folder versus target folder in order to merge new songs with your existing library
  • Detailed report that includes information on the audio quality of every file in order to keep the best version of a song
  • In-application preview with continuous playback to help easily compare audio quality between duplicates
  • Comprehensive auto-check option that can immediately select thousands of files based on date, quality, location, size and other properties
  • Multiple delete options – delete to recycle bin, move to a folder preserving the source’s folder structure for a backup, permanent delete

You can remove duplicate music files from your entire computer in just several minutes and save gigabytes of valuable space on your iPod, iPad or iPhone.