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Easy Screen Capture And Annotation Is Released Packed With Plenty Of New Features

Easy Screen Capture And Annotation

Easy Screen Capture And Annotation

Easy Screen Capture And Annotation Provides Improved Windows 8/7/Vista Compatibility Adding Many New Screen Capture Features

Simultaneous multi – language screnshot annotation

This version provides Full Unicode Support – you can now add annotations in multiple languages simultaneously. While older versions of Easy Screen Capture supported up to two alphabets (Languages) simultaneously, version 3 lifts this limit completely. Annotations can now be applied in any alphabet like Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Cyrillic and so on.

Aero theme transparent windows screen capture

In Windows 7 and Windows Vista the windows are now captured with complete transparency – support for the Windows Aero themes. This includes the window frame and any transparent regions that they may include. The application also captures the transparent shadow effect of the Windows 7 and Windows Vista user interface. The captured layers can be saved directly as PNG files using the context menu Layer->Save as… or multiple transparent layers can be grouped together and saved to a file format that supports transparency. This is possible due to the new feature that allows exporting project files with transparent background. (read below).

Easy Screen Capture & Annotation

Easy Screen Capture & Annotation

Improved Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 screen capture compatibility

In addition to the new Aero theme screen capture options this new version adds a lot of extra improvements. Transparency is improved and the captured themed round windows look smooth and polished. On systems that do not have shadow effect enabled it can be added using the layer context menu.

Free PhotoBucket screen capture hosting – upload and share screenshots instantly

As you may already know Easy Screen Capture And Annotation provides free screenshot hosting by providing instant screen capture upload to PhotoBucket. There is a free signup button inside the application that will let you create and setup your image hosting account. Uploading and sharing captures requires just a single click. Create the capture, add annotations and hit the “Upload to PhotoBucket” button. The link to the uploaded image is copied to the clipboard automatically and you can easily paste it in instant messaging applications like Skype, AOL, MSN Chat, Google Chat or share it on Facebook, Google Plus or other social networks. This version provides also some small fixes for issues related to daylight saving time. In past releases some PhotoBucket passwords with certain special characters were not saved properly in settings – this issue is now resolved.

Screen captures with transparent background and alpha channel

As already mentioned above version provides options to export projects with transparent background. This setting is available in the canvas settings dialog and will be utilized only when exporting to formats that support transparency like PNG.

Additional screen capture improvements

This is a major release and it includes a lot of new features and improvements. The most important ones are included in the application’s What’s New List. Some of them that are worth mentioning are the new capture tool button and tray icon. The tool button and tray icon can now be used to perform the last capture operation. Single mouse click with the left mouse button will start the last used capture mode, while double click will display the main application window.

When capturing a color there is a notification in the system tray displaying the color’s hexadecimal value that is ready to be used in HTML format. The value is also automatically copied to the clipboard.

The tray icon also displays short information regarding the selected capture mode and how to use it. The selected capture mode can be switched by right-clicking the tray icon and using the popup menu that is displayed.

Image size information is updated on fit operation and the when resizing the canvas to fit all objects the vertical size issue is fixed.

Download the free demo here: Screen Capture And Annotation

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Capture round windows in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 – Easy Screen Capture And Annotation

Easy Screen Capture

Easy Screen Capture

Easy Screen Capture and Annotation is released packed with plenty of new features.

The Layer Save As option ( including transparency ) will let you save parts of the capture project. The layer context menu option “Restore original layer size” will restore the size of the layer to the one that it was captured at.

You can now add a shadow effect to the layers in order to produce a stylish image that you can upload to your blog or publish on the web.

The improved option to capture an entire window will also capture the transparency of round windows in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.  Please read the What’s New section below for a full list of the new feature and improvements.

Easy Screen Capture And Annotation – What’s New


  • Added: Layer Save As option – including transparency
  • Added: Restore original layer size option in context menu
  • Added: Shadow effect for layers
  • Added: Capture round windows in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Added: Warning on new project if current project is modified
  • Added: CTRL+R and edit menu action to invert selection
  • Added: Move Layers/Objects via arrow keys. Hold down CTRL to step with 10 pixels
  • Fixed: Capture Color
  • Fixed: Upload to PhotoBucket daylight time saving issue
  • Fixed: Undo after cut region