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Screen Privacy – Boss Key 5.0 for Windows 7 & 8

Boss Key - Screen Privacy

Boss Key - Screen Privacy

How to Protect Your Screen Privacy

Nowadays screen privacy is an issue that everyone is facing either in the crowded office with inquisitive colleagues and a patronizing boss or at home with over-caring and curious relatives. Usually when writing a confidential email, checking your bank account, entering sensitive data in a web form or performing other private tasks you would prefer nobody to watch. Unfortunately people are curious creatures by nature and often will try to check on your activities.

You have several options in such case:

  • do nothing
  • close the active window, consequently losing all data entered in it
  • reboot the computer and lose yet more data
  • use Boss Key to instantly hide the active window

MindGems Inc. has released Boss Key 5.0 that can completely solve these issues. How does Boss Key protect your screen privacy:

  • Hides all windows/applications instantly with a press of a keyboard or a mouse shortcut
  • Preserves the running applications active while they are hidden and preserves your data in tact
  • Mutes sound if important audio with sensitive content was playing
  • Restores display resolution if you were watching a movie or playing a game
  • Hides the system tray in order to cover applications like Skype, ICQ
  • Restores all the applications to the state before hiding them with the press of a single key stroke

Boss Key is available for download free of charge. While you may not always need a boss key application you can install this all-in-one privacy tool that may save you a lot of headaches. It will be there for you when you need it the most!

Screen Privacy Tool

Screen Privacy Tool

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Boss Key 4.5 fully supports Windows 7

Boss Key for Windows 7

Boss Key

Version 4.5 of Boss Key is now released with improved support for Windows 7.

You can now instantly hide your activity on Windows 7 using the entire functionality of Boss Key. That includes hiding tray icons, task bar, desktop icons, muting sound, switching display resolution etc.

Boss Key will cover your activity instantly with the press of a hot-key combination or a mouse action.

It will not only hide your messaging software from the tray, but it will also hide the new chat windows that it might pop-up.

Boss Key will stay on guard and help you to cover the information on your screen whenever you need. Get a life-time “insurance” for only $19.95!

Buy  Boss  Key... Order Boss Key – Just$19.95 Free  Download Download Free Boss Key Demo