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Capture scrolling windows using Easy Screen Capture And Annotation

Easy Screen Capture and Annotation

Easy Screen Capture and Annotation

The latest version of Easy Screen Capture And Annotation will let you capture scrolling windows. Using this new feature you can capture the entire content of a window with scrollbars. For example you can capture an entire web page as a single image or you can list the content of a folder in a single capture. This brand new feature is just one of the many features available in this major update. Please take a look at the what’s new list for more details. The fully functional new version is available for download here.

Updates in Version

  • Added: Copy To Clipboard As Image
  • Fixed: Objects/layers positioned outside the canvas are clipped when saving as image
  • Added: Color selection dialog can now copy color components and also HTML format color
  • Added: Editor is focused on application startup
  • Added: Ctrl+A select all objects
  • Added: Image size status info
  • Added: Capture scrolling window
  • Added: Fill tool.
  • Added: Cut selection makes the area of the layer transparent.
  • Added: Color picker tool.
  • Added: Area outside selection is visualized using darker colors.
  • Added: Easy access to “Include Mouse Cursor” option in the capture menu
  • Added: Cut selection of a layer
  • Fixed: Small bug in special buttons
  • Added: Tray Icon
  • Fixed: Zoom combo box values were lost
  • Fixed: Changing font size was resetting font
  • Added: automatically switch to layer/object edit mode upon paste
  • Fixed: resize flickering removed
  • Fixed: empty size field for font was causing a crash