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Find Similar Photos – VSDIF Available For Download

Duplicate Photo Finder

Find Similar Photos

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder Provides Flexibility In The Folders List And Can Automatically Adjust The Orientation Of The Preview Images

The duplicate photo finder tool is already flexible with plenty of filtering options and duplicate search algorithms, but this new release adds some extra flexibility by providing an easy way of altering the “Exclude from auto-check”, “Disable self-scan” and “Remove from list” by providing a context menu which operates on all the currently selected items.


The new option “Automatically adjust preview images orientation” is located in the settings and tells the application to use the EXIF image information to properly preview an image by automatically rotating the image. Such option will not work on images generated by old camera models that do not have sensor for camera orientation or on images that have their EXIF meta-data removed. Of course such images can be manually rotated using an external tool in order to face the desired direction.


A user interface fix addresses a rare issue that is present when using “Large fonts” and low resolution and causes the folders panel to disappear. A fix for the duplicates information above the duplicates list is also available. The information was not properly updated after using the “Image Search” feature.

You can download the latest version demo here: Duplicate Photo Finder

Please comment below if you miss a feature or you have a suggestion for improvement. We value our customers and we will be glad to hear from you!


Find Similar And Duplicate Songs By Title, Artist And Album – Organize Songs Easily Using ID3 Tags

Find Similar Music

Find Similar Songs

Audio Dedupe Provides Similarity Search By ID3 Title, Artis And Album

Audio Dedupe can already find similar files saved in various file formats by performing true audio analysis that does not require any ID3 tags. It “Listens” to the audio files in order to find similarities. The tool is able to identify exact duplicates or remixes of the same song stored in various audio file formats. Support for most of the popular audio formats  is present and it is easy to organize songs in iTunes, iPod, iPad, iPhone or other mp3 player devices. Here are some of the supported file formats: MP3, MP2, MP1, MPA, WAV, OGG, AIFF, AAC, MP4, FLAC, AC3, WavPack (WV), Musepack (MPC) and Windows Media Audio (WMA) file formats.

Download: Find Similar Songs

Three New Audio Search Methods

Yes we have added three new search methods and those are search by similar or duplicate “ID3 Title”, “ID3 Artist” and “ID3 Album”. Though the current search method of Audio Dedupe does not require any ID3 tags and recognizes the similarities between the files by comparing the actual audio content, the new scan methods may be pretty useful in certain cases.

What is cool about this new feature is the fact that it finds also similar items and not just exact duplicates. For example the titles “Take The Power Back”, “Take The Power Back [Remastered]” and “Take The Power Back – Live” will all be matched as similar if the similarity level is set at 70%. This makes it easy to find different versions of the same song.

Find Similar MP3

Find Similar Songs

This release also includes several bug fixes that are listed below.

The key improvements in this release extracted directly from the Duplicate MP3 Finder’s What’s new page:


  • Added new compare methods for finding similar or duplicate “ID3 Title”, “ID3 Artist”, “ID3 Album”
  • Fixed loading projects where decimal separator is different from the current locale decimal separator.
  • Fixed moving files from UNC paths like \\Server\Path\
  • Fixed: Group order is now preserved on project load.
  • Fixed: Similarity level can be set to 100% using the mouse wheel or spin-edit buttons. (was possible only by entering it manually)

Do you have suggestions? Do you miss a feature? Let us know in the comments below. We will be glad to hear from you!

VS Duplicate Image Finder – Updated RAW scan and improved performance

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder improves performance with extra 10-15% at the image comparing stage and fixes a bunch of issues. VSDIF also improves multi language OS support and now handles properly the file names containing characters from the current “Language for non-Unicode programs”.
The RAW processing feature is also improved and a fix for previewing 32-bit and 48-bit images is added.
Corporate version now doesn’t show main window after command-line scan. Some small fixes and changes are applied including floating point operation error on some white images.

Buy Visual  Similarity Duplicate Image Finder. Buy Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder – just $24.95 Download  Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder. Free Download Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Find similar photographs faster than ever – VSDIF

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder finds duplicate photos faster than ever. Now Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is not only the most precise, but also the fastest duplicate image finder on the web. Extremely stable utilizing the resources of your system to the maximum the tool is the perfect choice for scanning your vast photo gallery. Check out our web site frequently as we are planning a RAW support in the upcoming version. This unique feature will save you even more time and will scan directly the raw material from your camera. Combined with the live preview that will let you get rid of the junk images immediately. Removing out of focus, exposure and underexposed pictures will be just a click away. A feature to find similar picture by sample is also something that we have planned for the upcoming releases. Where are my wedding photos? Oh I remember I sent one yo John. That is all I need – I will add that sample to Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder and it will find the rest from the set on my computer.

Buy Visual  Similarity Duplicate Image Finder. Buy Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder – just $24.95 Download  Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder. Free Download Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Find and delete duplicate images about 100 (hundred) times faster with VSDIF

Find and delete duplicate images faster than ever. The latest version of Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is extremely optimized and is times faster than before. Utilizing multi core systems to the maximum along with its improved core the application manages to achieve up to hundred times higher speed. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is the fastest and the most precise application of its kind on the market.


  • Speed increase over 100 times! VSDIF is now the fastest duplicate images finder available.
  • Support for multi-core CPU. VSDIF now uses all your CPU cores in the images preprocessing step.
  • Completely rewritten and highly optimized engine. Can scan over 10000 hi-res images on an average 1.8Ghz desktop PC within 10 minutes!
  • 8 times smaller cache file sizes. VSDIF now uses less hard disk space.
  • New redesigned user interface shows all duplicate groups in different colors in one grid window.
  • Access to some of the options directly from the main window.
  • Using Delete key in folder list removes the selected folders from the list.
  • Added popup menu in the duplicate results grid with items Open, Open with Associated Program and Locate in Explorer (Available only in the registered version).
  • Added Auto Select tool button.
  • Added button to delete a cache file
  • Using Delete key in the duplicates list, after a confirmation dialog you can delete all selected files from the list and from the disk. (Available only in the Registered version). Note the difference between selected and checked duplicates.

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder – keeps database of scanned images for even better performance.

Duplicate Image Finder

Duplicate Image Finder

Added support for custom databases with images. You can create databases to store the images information on the first scan and the next scans will use the information from the database. This speeds up a lot the process of retrieving images information and the whole scan. In case of multiple scans this new feature increases dramatically the scan speed. Download free trial of Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder now.

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder Even Faster Than Before

Duplicate Image Finder

Duplicate Image Finder

The latest version of Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is even faster than before without compromising the precission. You can find identical files based on an advanced content comparision not just a simple date/time, file name or checksum verification. Our product is at the top of the classification of the products of this type based on performance, accuracy and ease of use. You can download the latest version here and check it for yourself.