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Folder Size – Longest Paths Report And Many New Features

Folder Size – Makes Data Migratione Easier By Providing Longest Paths Report

List Files Inside System Volumt Information, Backup Folders and System Folders

Folder Size – Free Disk Size Analysis

Freeware Folder Size – Save Valuable Disk Space

This new release of Folder Size provides a lot of new features and improvements. Some requested by YOU – our valuable customers some designed to make things easier and clearer.

Longest Paths And File Names Report

As the name suggests this report sorts all files in a folder and all its sub-folders by path length. This makes it easy to identify long paths that may cause problems during data migration and backup processes. Long paths may cause issues also with the system and certain applications. Though the recommended path size in Windows should not exceed 260 characters there are certain cases where creating such paths is possible. Of course such paths cause issues at a later stage when accessed. The new report makes it easy to identify and fix those long paths.

Free File Tree Size Information

Free File Tree Size Information

Folder Sizes List Improvements

Compressed files and folders are now listed in a different color – this makes it easy to spot them immediately.

There are plenty of GUI improvements:
  • Drive names and letters displayed instead of just drive letters
  • Current file/folder path displayed in application title
  • Export Details View option in file menu
  • Optional thousands separator
  • Loaded/saved project name is displayed in the File Menu
  • The cell text is displayed in a hint for items that do not fit in the current column size – was missing for Largest/Oldest reports
  • Double-click in drives list scans the selected drive

A fix for the settings file that could not be saved in rare cases is now applied.

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Do you have suggestions? Do you miss a feature?
Please share it in the comments below – we will love to hear and implement it.